Online M.Ed. in Literacy Faculty

Dr. Kavin Ming

Dr. Kavin Ming is a Professor at Winthrop University who served as the Program Director for the M.Ed. in Literacy program until summer 2018. She is currently serving as the Department Chair in the Department of Curriculum and Pedagogy. Her higher education career started at Edison Community College, where she earned an A.A. degree in Business Administration. She went on to Florida State University, where she earned a B.A. in English and a B.S. and M.S. in Special Education. Dr. Ming earned her Ed.D. in Special Education from Florida Atlantic University in 2007. She has taught undergraduate literacy methods courses and currently teaches graduate content area literacy and practicum courses. Dr. Ming's research interests include at-risk student populations, culturally responsive pedagogy, content area literacy instruction, disciplinary literacy and multisensory teaching of literacy skills.

  • 2018 Richard W. Riley College of Education Faculty Award for Stewardship and Service
  • 2014 Winthrop University Presidential Citation for Service to the Community
  • 2012 Winthrop University Outstanding Junior Professor Nominee
  • 2010 Richard W. Riley College of Education Faculty Award for Collaboration and Service
  • 2010 Richard W. Riley College of Education Award for Outstanding Academic Advisors

Dr. Shawnna Helf

Dr. Shawnna Helf is a Professor at Winthrop University who teaches a variety of graduate and undergraduate courses related to literacy and educational research. She previously worked as a research associate, curriculum coach and elementary education teacher. Dr. Helf earned her M.A. in Elementary Education from West Virginia University and her Ph.D. in Special Education from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. 

  • 2017 South Carolina Campus Compact’s Civic Engagement Leadership Award Honoree for Service Learning
  • 2017 Winthrop University Student Life Award Recipient for the Faculty Award for Service Learning
  • 2015 Winthrop University Thompson Scholar
  • 2015 Richard W. Riley College of Education Faculty Award for Excellence in Teaching
  • 2014 Teacher Education Division of the Council for Exceptional Children Publication Award
  • 2013 Winthrop University Outstanding Junior Professor Nominee
  • 2005 Marvin Wyne Outstanding Doctoral Student Paper Award Recipient, North Carolina Association of Research in Education

Dr. Elke Schneider

Dr. Elke Schneider is a Professor in the College of Education at Winthrop University, who received her Ph.D. in Applied Linguistics in 1997 from the University of Eichstätt, Germany, where she specialized in foreign/second language learning and learning disabilities. Over the past 25 years, she has published and presented nationally and internationally on this topic. In the U.S. and Europe, she has taught foreign and second languages, special education and literacy education courses. Nationally and internationally, she provides teacher training on multisensory structured language instruction to native, foreign and second language learners in public and private school settings. With great passion, Dr. Schneider has integrated multisensory structured metacognitive language (MSML) instruction into undergraduate and graduate teacher education programs at different universities. As a Professor at Winthrop University, she teaches graduate and undergraduate courses in Special Education, Literacy Education and English as a Second Language in the College of Education. Dr. Schneider has been co-director of and a key contributor to two large federal grants that have prepared educators to work with English Language learners through MSML instruction over nine years. She has also trained many ESOL teachers through the South Carolina Title III Office and supports state efforts for ESOL endorsements that require MSML-based content. She is bilingual and enjoys spending time outdoors, traveling abroad and swimming with wild dolphins.

  • Winthrop University Achievement Award for first English Language Learner related grant

Dr. Miranda Sigmon

Dr. Miranda Sigmon is an Assistant Professor in the College of Education at Winthrop University. Her research interests include motivation, content area literacy and the interconnectedness of literacy components. In her teaching, Dr. Sigmon focuses on a combination of independent and cooperative learning that requires students to think critically, continually re-evaluate their current understandings and be intentional and reflective in their teaching practices.