Online Master of Education (M.Ed.) in Special Education Intervention

Program time to completion: 2 years

Intervention Without Interruption Can Transform a Student’s Future

Many students have the potential to remain and thrive in an inclusive classroom with the right interventions, but need additional support in the areas of behavior, literacy and numeracy. The online Master of Education (M.Ed.) in Special Education Intervention program empowers you to make a real difference in the lives of your students using intervention approaches that help them succeed academically.

In the online M.Ed. program, you will prepare to build, lead and participate in Response to Intervention (RTI) and Multi-Tiered System of Supports (MTSS) programs and other proven intervention programs that support students at their level of learning with minimal disruption. You will enable near-seamless connections between classroom instruction and empirically validated interventions in the areas of behavior, literacy and numeracy to improve students’ academic performance and build students’ self-confidence.

Program Fast Facts

  • Study with respected RTI and MTSS experts.
  • 100% online courses
  • 10 course curriculum comprised of 30 credit hours
  • Applicants must have a valid U.S. teaching license.

Online M.Ed. in Intervention Learning Outcomes

This program teaches school-based interventionists how to:

  • Improve academic and behavioral programs, support and services based on knowledge of intervention and standards-based core curricula.
  • Apply valid and reliable assessment practices that inform instruction and curricula.
  • Facilitate improvement in the systems-level delivery of core and intervention curricula.
  • Evaluate program effectiveness based on empirical data and make recommendations in professional practice.
  • Collaborate with stakeholders effectively to improve outcomes for all students.
  • Create effective learning environments by leading in program development, delivering professional development and writing grants.

A Special Curriculum Note: The online M.Ed. in Special Education Intervention is housed in the Special Education Program at Winthrop with assignments developed to specifically address National Board Professional Teaching Standards; however, it is not exclusively a master’s in Special Education program and does not lead to specific licensure.

For more information on the programs learning outcomes visit our curriculum page.

"This cohort has changed the way I think about serving children in my daily practice. These courses have taught me the importance of using validated, researched practices as interventions for students who have differentiating needs. I feel more competent to teach both students with lower or higher abilities due to the focus on interventions."
- Bryndle B., Current M.Ed. Student

Why Choose Winthrop’s online M.Ed. in Special Education Intervention Program?

  • Practical: Practice what you learn in your current classroom environment by implementing intervention projects as part of your coursework.
  • Specialized: Learn a focused curriculum that equips you with the skills to coordinate and deliver evidence-supported interventions in the areas of behavior, literacy and numeracy that address students where they are in their education through assessment.
  • Focused: Study behavior, math and literacy interventions and choose one as an area of focus. Build a portfolio of information in your chosen area that you can apply to your degree-culminating capstone paper.
  • Respected: Learn from faculty who are board-certified behavioral analysts, interventionists, psychologists and national advisory board members for Response to Intervention (RTI) and Multi-Tiered System of Supports (MTSS) programs. The Winthrop M.Ed. in Special Education Intervention has been ranked a top online program by US News and World Report.

Learn the interventions in behavior, literacy and numeracy that can assist students without disruption before they would need Special Education.

Careers That Help Students Succeed

This M.Ed. is an intervention specialist K-12 online degree program that prepares you for a variety of roles in education helping students with empirically validated, much-needed instructional and behavioral interventions. These positions include:

  • Instructional Coach
  • Elementary Instructional Coach
  • Mathematics Instructional Coach
  • Instructional Coach/Reading Specialist

“As a special education teacher, this program has helped me develop relationships with other professionals to increase inclusion practices, as well as provide additional support to students in the general education classroom."
  - Melissa R., Current M.Ed. Student

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An online M.Ed. in Special Education Intervention from Winthrop University prepares you with the expertise and skills you need to transform the future of your students through effective intervention selection and delivery. Gain the knowledge you need to make a difference. Contact a program manager toll-free at 833/257-1704 to learn more or request more information today.