Online Master of Education (M.Ed.) in Special Education Intervention Career Outlook

Careers That Help Students Succeed

The M.Ed. program in Special Education Intervention prepares you for a variety of roles in K-12 education. In addition to becoming a more effective teacher, the degree will prepare you for positions that include:

  • Academic Interventionist
  • Behavioral Interventionist
  • Curriculum Specialist
  • Instructional Coach or Specialist
  • MTSS Coach or Coordinator
  • Special Educator

Key Facts About RTI and MTSS Implementation1

  • More than15 states have formal policies about MTSS or RTI.
  • 46 states have language about RTI in their laws or guidelines.
  • 49 states have an RTI commission, task force, or internal working group.
  • Research shows that RTI improves achievement and behavior.
  • IDEA, the federal SPED law, includes RTI and MTSS.

According to the CEEDAR Center, “as many as 70% of high school students need special, specific supports, even when they are not eligible for special education identification. MTSS addresses those needs with systemic improvements across classes, schools, and districts.”2

Helping students when they exhibit the earliest signs of educational or developmental difficulty is critical for preventing further delay as the child matures. In many cases, assessment and intervention efforts can significantly minimize the educational disruption children experience and thereby make a profound positive difference and truly change lives. Interventionists use their specialized training and unique personality traits to do this challenging but rewarding work.

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