Online MBA Strategic Leadership

Time to Completion: 2 years

Unlock Strategic Leadership Opportunities in Business

The online MBA Strategic Leadership degree from Winthrop University prepares you to overcome the managerial challenges faced by today's dynamic business environment. You'll build the right skills for executive-level management positions within human resources while gaining a competitive edge to compete in global business.

All courses for the program are taught by top-credentialed educators with support from faculty who offer expert academic advising, career guidance and degree progression support throughout the program. As you complete your strategic leadership degree, you'll examine the latest business technologies and communications through the lens of international business culture.

Strategic Leadership Degree Key Facts and Benefits

  • 36 total credits
  • $780 per credit
  • Fully online courses
  • AACSB-accredited curriculum

Coursework Designed for Strategic Leaders

The online MBA Strategic Leadership degree requires the completion of 36 total credits, which include 30 core credits and nine elective credits for the concentration, one of which must be satisfied within the core coursework. Additionally, you'll also complete micro-certifications embedded within the coursework in Business Analytics, Financial Analysis and Leadership in Organizations.

You'll graduate with an outstanding resume of credentials designed to attract today's business employers and set you up for success in executive-level management positions.

Concentration Learning Outcomes

When you complete the online MBA Strategic Leadership degree, you will be able to:

  • Devise strong strategies to address organizational situations.
  • Apply quantitative tools, strategies and data for successful decision-making.
  • Develop innovative approaches to change using knowledge of the factors that underlie business issues.
  • Demonstrate natural leadership in organizational situations.
  • Recognize ethical dilemmas and apply ethical frameworks in addressing the consequences of business decisions.
  • Deliver professional, researched business presentations and documents.

Featured Courses

*MGMT 622 must be satisfied within the core.

Learn more about the online MBA Strategic Leadership courses on our curriculum page.

Career Outlook: Online MBA Strategic Leadership Degree

Business management is highly competitive and offers some of the nation's top salaries, making the right education and credentials essential for success in this field. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median annual salary for business management professionals was $107,360 in 2022, with chief executives hovering above with a median annual wage of $189,520.1,2

Become equipped to compete for executive leadership roles with the online MBA in Strategic Management and Leadership degree. You'll gain the expertise to stand out to today's business employers and achieve your goals as an effective leader.

Potential Strategic Leadership Degree Career Outcomes

  • Chief executive, $189,520/year2
  • Top executive, $100,090/year2
  • Operations manager, $98,100/year2
  • Human resources manager, $130,000/year3

Learn more about potential career opportunities for the online MBA Strategic Leadership degree on our career outlook page.

Customize Your Area of Study

In addition to three résumé-building micro-certifications, the online MBA from Winthrop University offers two career-focused concentration options in Strategic Leadership and Marketing.

Marketing. In the Master of Business Administration in Marketing, you’ll cover global competitiveness, e-commerce, business plan writing, buyer behavior, marketing research, demand analysis and sales forecasting combined with an analytical, strategic approach to marketing decision-making.

Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to commonly asked questions about Winthrop University’s online MBA Strategic Leadership degree. Visit our MBA FAQ page for more information.


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