Online Master of Business Administration (MBA)

Time to Completion: 2 years

Learn with Rigor. Lead with Conviction.

Today’s dynamic business environment demands business leaders with a broad range of essential skills. Winthrop University's two-year, online Master of Business Administration (MBA) program builds this expertise with a rigorous curriculum focused on globalization, analytics, technology and communication. You will develop your functional and management capabilities in finance, accounting, marketing, organizational culture, leadership and operations. The online MBA program is accredited by AACSB International, which ensures the highest standards of excellence, so you'll be empowered to lead with conviction in your current and future roles.

Program Fast Facts

* Students who do not have a background in business must complete prerequisite foundation courses. Winthrop offers these courses through separate online course modules for a nominal fee.

Study in an advanced program designed for today’s business leaders — only 5% of the world's business programs hold an AACSB accreditation

Career-Focused Concentrations

If you'd like to specialize your skills, you can choose to add an optional 6-credit-hour online MBA concentration to your program at Winthrop University.

  • Marketing. In the Master of Business Administration in Marketing, you’ll cover global competitiveness, e-commerce, business plan writing, buyer behavior, marketing research, demand analysis and sales forecasting combined with an analytical, strategic approach to marketing decision-making.
  • Strategic Leadership. In the Master of Business Administration in Strategic Leadership, you’ll study topics such as leadership, global competitiveness and human resources management to either switch or further your career to executive-level management.

Benefit from Unique Micro-Certificates

As you complete the core courses in the MBA online program, you'll gain several micro-credentials that can enhance your résumé and help you stand out as you move ahead. Each micro-certificate includes three courses.

  • Business Analytics Micro-Certificate: Study business performing and planning through the lens of data-driven solutions. Learn to gather, analyze and make appropriate recommendations based on data and statistical methods.
  • Financial Analysis Micro-Certificate: Explore how to reach an organization's objectives through economic reasoning and data analysis. Ensure that financial transactions are appropriate according to applicable policies.
  • Leadership in Organizations Micro-Certificate: Determine your leadership style, lead successful teams and foster useful strategic and international communication. Learn to manage the marketing resources of an organization.

Also available as a standalone certificate

Why Choose Winthrop's MBA Program?

  • Academically Rigorous: Study core classes that build your expertise and skills while also including a focus on globalization, analytics, technology and communication
  • Customizable: Choose to add an online MBA concentration in Marketing or Strategic Leadership
  • Valuable Credentials: Complete core MBA courses and receive micro-certifications in Business Analytics, Financial Analysis, and Leadership in Organizations
  • Small Class Sizes: Small class sizes foster relationship building and interaction among the diverse student body
  • Quality Instruction: Learn from faculty who care about your success. Most of your classes will be taught by the same full-time faculty who teach our on-campus program
  • Programmatic Accreditation: Learn in an AACSB-accredited curriculum held to a higher standard that assures quality, promotes excellence and fosters continuous improvement
  • Supportive: Receive advising, career guidance and degree progression support throughout the program from the director of graduate student services
  • Convenient: Complete any prerequisite courses prior to beginning your degree through separate modules in a convenient online platform

Learning Outcomes

As a student in Winthrop’s online MBA program, you will develop your skills in:

  • Strategic Thinking. Devise strong strategies to address organizational situations. 
  • Problem Solving. Apply quantitative tools, strategies and data for successful decision-making. 
  • Critical Thinking. Develop innovative approaches to change using knowledge of the factors that underlie business issues. 
  • Leadership. Demonstrate natural leadership in organizational situations. 
  • Ethics. Recognize ethical dilemmas and apply ethical frameworks in addressing the consequences of business decisions. 
  • Communications. Deliver professional, researched, business presentations and documents. 
  • Marketing. Create powerful, evidence-based marketing and pricing strategies that drive profits.

For more information on the programs learning outcomes visit our curriculum page.

    Our small class sizes and expert faculty foster a tightly networked community of professionals dedicated to excellence.

    Prepare for a Career of Leadership

    This MBA program provides the broad background in business and leadership to prepare you for a variety of senior business roles. Our graduates are equipped for opportunities that include sample job titles such as:

    • Director of donor development and philanthropy
    • Director of marketing and public relations
    • Financial manager
    • Marketing, advertising and promotions manager
    • Senior manager of business insights
    • Senior director of business development
    • Vice president of sales merchandising

    Get More Information Now!

    An online MBA from Winthrop University prepares you with the adaptable expertise and skills you need to thrive as a leader in today’s increasingly global and dynamic business environment. Gain the knowledge you need to advance your career in business administration. Contact a program manager toll-free at 833/257-1704 to learn more or request more information today.